Grupo GOF is a family business, the capital is controlled by the Gómez Bueno family. It originated in the trade of raw materials for animal nutrition (PPNOR), and was introduced in the 80s in logistics based on port operations (COBASA GRUPO LOGISTICO). Already in this century he developed a company of computer applications related to the two previous activities (NORTIC) and designed, built and operates the most efficient, hygienic and environmentally friendly Bulk Agri-Food terminal that exists today (TASA), It has also entered into the improvement of safety and handling costs of elements between 5 and 30 TM unit through radical innovations and automations (HTV) and is also offering the fruit of its digitization path of the last decade to third parties through through Digitalia GBE.

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Fast, safe and economic supply of commodities for food and feeds

To contribute to our customers’ competitiveness by means of a fast, safe and economic supply of commodities for food and feed, starting from a specialized analysis of production and stock markets and from an exhaustive control of the supplies’ traceability.

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Comprehensive Logistic Services

Add value to our customers by means of providing comprehensive logistic services, based on operative excellence, continuous improvement, profitability and safety.

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Unloading, storage and delivery services of agribulk commodities

To contribute to competitiveness in agri sector by means of providing unloading, storage and delivery services of agribulk commodities of vegetable origin. Those services are based in excellence, safety, reliability, transparency and food and feed safety of our procedures and facilities.

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Advanced Technological Solutions

To promote our customers’ efficiency by means of an appropriate control of systems and infrastructure, implementing advanced technological solutions aimed at project management.

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Automatic Hooks HTV

Improving our customers operations, regarding workers’ safety and cost, through tools’ innovation and processes’ reengineering.

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Support services for the digital transformation of organizations

We design and develop technological products, framed both in the process of digital transformation and in the launch of innovative products.

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In order to reflect our way of acting based on the values ​​of our organization, we have the following Code of Conduct